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Why you need to get Buzzed!

What do you want from your Electrician-Air conditioner-Solar Installer? I hear so many horror stories from customers about their experiences with all sorts of trades. Showing up late, not showing up at all, leaving a mess for them to clean up, using cheap, poor quality products  and just having a bad experience.

I took all these stories on board when starting Buzzed Electrical. We Have a booking system that provides our customers with Booking Confirmations, updates and even allows you to track us enroute to your job.


We carry vacuum cleaners, dust pans and spray and wipe in all our vehicles to ensure we don't leave our customers to clean up our mess.


All products that we supply are chosen for above all Quality, But still at an affordable price.

All our quotes and Invoices are Itemised so you see exactly what your paying for.

Last but not least, we are friendly, approachable people, meeting and talking with our clients is something that makes the work enjoyable.

Anything you need we are there to help.

Jarrod Costa

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